MAKE time to improve yourself


In the course of my professional and personal life, I have experienced very little time to sit back and reflect, to take the time to read professional literature and apply those principles in a low-stress environment.  For most leaders, this is true more often than not; especially in our data-driven, technologically advanced workplaces. Managers today are required to know more, do more, and to interact more meaningfully and often with their employees.

Most of the significant things done in the world were done by persons who were either too busy or too sick! There are few ideal and leisurely settings for the disciplines of growth. – Robert Thornton Henderson

Taking time to read leadership books and blogs, to connect with other managers, to spend that extra few minutes a day on encouraging your employees using the techniques you have learned; these are more valuable pursuits than they seem in and of themselves.

When applied in the workplace, you will find that improving yourself pays dividends out of proportion to the effort it takes.

photo by: bottled_void

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